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  • Part #: SL2-BE116751
  • Model: SL2100 VM-E-Mail Notify Lic

With the Email Notification license, the SL2100 will send an email to alert you when messages are waiting.

  • Part #: SL2-BE116744
  • Model: SL2100 IP Channel-16 Lic

This license provides an additional 16 VoIP channels when a VoIP daughter board is installed.

  • Part #: SL2-BE116745
  • Model: SL2100 IP TRUNK-01 LIC

The SIP Trunk License allows SL2100 users to take advantage of SIP Trunks. One SIP trunk license is required for each SIP trunk.

  • Part #: SL2-BE116757
  • Model: SL2100 Mobile Ext-01 Lic

Mobile Extension allows an external cell phone to be used as a station phone on the SL2100.

  • Part #: SL2-BE116749
  • Model: SL2100-SL Net-08 Lic

With an SLNET License, multiple SL2100s can be networked between remote sites.

  • Part #: SL2-BE117552
  • Model: SL2100 IN-UC Client-01 Lic

Much like the Desktop Suite on the SL1100, the InUC Web Client provides phone integration with the users PC or laptop.

  • Part #: SL2-BE116752
  • Model: SL2100 In-ACD Lic

The ACD license equips the SL2100 with Automatic Call Distribution. 8 ACD groups with up to 128 agents total.

  • Part #: SL2-BE116753
  • Model: SL2100 Hotel Lic

Perfect for hospitality usage, this license provides robust hotel/motel features.

  • Part #: SL2-BE117472
  • Model: SL2100 SMDR Lic

This system-wide license provides Station Message Detail Reporting details required for non-NEC call reporting software.

  • Part #: SL2-BE116746
  • Model: SL2100 IP Ext-01 Lic

This license allows you to use a non-NEC IP phone on the SL2100.

  • Part #: SL2-BE116756
  • Model: SL2100 3RD CTI Lic
Coming Soon

  • Part #: SL2-BE116760
  • Model: SL2100 Web Video CNF-01 Lic

Provides video conference session for single party, using WebRTC.

  • Part #: SL2-BE116750
  • Model: SL2100 Remote Conf-01 Lic

Allows an outside party to call directly into a conference call by dialing a set number and entering a password.

  • Part #: SL2-BE116747
  • Model: SL2100 Encryption Lic

Encrypt all calls made over NEC multi-line IP phones on your system with this encryption license.


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