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  • Part #: PL-HW251N

This wired headset is designed to be very comfortable and worn over-the-head.

  • Part #: PL-CS510

Gain increased flexibility around your office with this wireless headset designed to be worn over-the-head.

  • Part #: PL-CS540

Increase your mobility in your workspace with this wireless headset which gives the option of wearing it three different ways.

  • Part #: PL-Savi710

This wireless headset is so versatile it allows you to handle calls from your PC, phone, or mobile phone.

  • Part #: PL-Savi730

Designed to be worn over-the-ear, this wireless headset gives you multi-device connectivity.

  • Part #: PL-Savi740

With the ability to manage multiple devices, this wireless headset will surely increase your productivity.

  • Part #: PL-HL10

Designed to be used with any of our wireless headsets, this lifter will allow you the flexibility you need.

  • New Part #: BE113158
  • Old Part #: 1091054

This wireless headset adapter plugs into the base of any SL1100 phone or any 34 button DSX phone to easily integrate a variety of wireless headsets.

  • Part #: VXI-200002

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