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NEC SL2100 Firmware v1.04.05

Keep your SL2100 Phone System up-to-date with the latest version of firmware. The latest system software for the SL2100 is 1.04.05. This build resolves an issue where upgrades using PC Pro would fail. See below for changes and upgrade instructions.

New v1.04.05:

  • Contact Center support.
  • InControl Call Reporting support.

Fixed In v1.04.05:

  • FF1708030001 - Delay in Key Press response from telephone.
  • FF170913002 - Date option not working.
  • FF170905003 - System locks up and resets.
  • FF170814001 - VMD not working.

Fixed In v1.03.01:

  • F170719004 - Can't upgrade system with PC Pro. (The current PC Pro can be used to perform update)

New In v1.01.00:

InMail Security Enhancement:

  • To prevent unwanted access to InMail mailboxes the SL2100 will no longer allow remote logon to mailboxes that do not have a security code set.
  • If a mailbox does NOT have a security code set, users will hear "that mailbox does not exist" when trying to log into that mailbox from the main greeting.
  • There are no programming changes required to enable this feature.

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