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NEC SL2100 Firmware v2.00.00

Keep your SL2100 Phone System up-to-date with the latest version of firmware. The latest system software for the SL2100 is v2.00.00. See below for changes and upgrade instructions.

PCPro v2.00.00 is required to support firmware version 2.00.00.

Feature Enhancements in v2.00.00:

  • iOS Push Notification Support
  • InCapture (Built-In Packet Capture)
  • TLS Support for Standard SIP Extensions
  • Delayed Incoming Ring Group Ringing

Resolved Field Complaints in v2.00.00:

  • F190204001 - When more than one incoming call is sent to DID (7265) then.
    • 1. The CPU is not sending 180 Ringing or 183 Session Progress after Sending a 100 trying.
    • 2. In addition CPU appears to be ignoring some INVITES.
  • F180913003 - Failed to enter day mode per Automatic schedule.
  • F180427003 - Incoming DID to All Ring Department Group drops.
  • F190116003 - PRG 45-02-01 not showing correctly Web Pro.
  • F181211003 - SL2100 does not show an error when running 90-68-01 for CO trunks with no dial tone or non CO trunks.
  • Feature Enhancements in v1.50.24:

    • F180905001 - SL2100 message notification with analog trunk.
    • F181210004 - InUC incoming chat with Chrome does not bring the web client to top focus.
    • F181115001 - Unable to access PRG 90-37 from pure IP SL2100.
    • Error: Bad Media Description (200) received when trying to make calls from Browser Phone with Chrome 70 or higher.

    Feature Enhancements in v1.50.13:

    • InUC Web Client - Browser Phone Mode
    • SSH Control
    • Loop Key Enhancement
    • Phone Pro
    • Lua PMS
    • ST500 Support
    • InGuard - Toll Fraud Guard

    Note: The following enhancements will take affect with the next upgrade performed. You will not see these enhancements when upgrading to v1.53.13.

    • Faster Upgrade Process
    • Alarm LED now flashes during an upgrade indicated it is still in progress.
    • Web Pro Software Update Screen updated with new text warning against removing power during upgrade process.

    Fixed In v1.50.13:

    • F180329001 - Cannot block an extension from showing in the phone directory.
    • F171213002 - InMail Upload Audio is making a popping noise on message playback.
    • F180405008 - Program Names for PRG 24-02 in WebPro are very confusing.
    • F180103005 - System would not boot back up after an attempt to upgrade.

    Fixed in v1.05.09:

    • F180213001 - Uploaded WAV files for VRS audio have a Click heard at the start.
    • F171205005 - No tone at paging handset on External Zone Page.
    • F171213002 - InMail Upload Audio is making a popping noise on message playback.

    Fixed in v1.05.03:

    • F180108002 - Call forward display is not showing
    • F170915001 - SL2100 InUC Client Call Forward only allows 8 digits
    • F170927008 - Built in modem is not connecting

    Fixed in v1.04.05

    • F170814001 - VBD not working
    • F170831004 - Upgrading SL2100 to version 1.04.00 causes InMail to become non responsive
    • F170905003 - System locks up and resets
    • F170913002 - Date option not working
    • F170830001 - Delay in Key Press response from telephone

    Fixed In v1.03.01:

    • F170719004 - Can't upgrade system with PC Pro. (The current PC Pro can be used to perform update)

    New In v1.01.00:

    InMail Security Enhancement:

    • To prevent unwanted access to InMail mailboxes the SL2100 will no longer allow remote logon to mailboxes that do not have a security code set.
    • If a mailbox does NOT have a security code set, users will hear "that mailbox does not exist" when trying to log into that mailbox from the main greeting.
    • There are no programming changes required to enable this feature.

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