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A Quick Note About Our Tech Support

There's nothing worse than getting stuck while programming your phone system, and after hours of reading manuals, you call Tech Support only to hear: "Try rebooting the phone system, then call us back." or "Try upgrading the software. Good Luck."

We've been there, too.

We take a different approach: We're not just Q&A Support – we take a hands on approach. We'll remotely connect to your phone system to troubleshoot, make programming changes, updates, or even program the entire system for you from start-to-finish! We won't leave your side until the job is done, to ensure that both you and your customer are happy with the phone system.

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60-Day Support Plans

Comprehensive Support for the NEC SL Phone System

We're NEC Experts

Our expert tech support team has over 100 years of combined telephony experience. Many of those years were spent traveling all over the United States performing onsite installations, programming and training. So we understand the importance of getting great tech support right when you need it.

We’ll remotely program your system for you and walk you step-by-step through the programming process, to ensure that you and your customer are happy with the phone system.

60-day support plans are perfect for first time installers or sales teams who want us to handle the programming so you can focus on making the next sale.

Remote Programming

We'll remotely program your entire system from start to finish.

1-on-1 Support

Live phone/remote programming tech support with an NEC certified technician.

60-Days of Unlimited Support

We've got your back to help you with any moves, adds, or changes.

Hardware Installation Support

We'll start with the basics and even teach you how to install the system's hardware.

Firmware Upgrade

We'll upgrade your system so your customers have access to the latest features.

On-Hold Message

We'll upload a pre-recorded on-hold message that will make your customers sound professional.

Get a 60-Day Plan with Your Next Phone System

Available for both the NEC SL2100 & SL1100

Pay-As-You-Go Support

Now small problems have a small price tag

15-Minute Blocks of Remote Programming Support

  • Call us at 984-664-4000
  • Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm (EST)
  • A verified credit card must be on supplied before support is provided
  • Support time can be accumulated over multiple calls in one day, but cannot be carried over to another day
  • Any and all accumulated blocks of time are billed out at the end of every day
  • Need after hour Tech Support? Please call for a quote: 984-664-4000 (press 1 for sales)

Support for the SL2100, SL1100 & DSX


For Each 15 Min. Block

Specials are Available for First Time Callers!

Custom Support Quotes

No Job is Too Big for Our NEC Experts

Have a large or tricky application that requires a custom quote? Give us a call at 984-664-4000 (press 1 for sales) or enter the details in the following form.

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