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SL1100 Auto Attendant Basics

This webinar covers basic call flow and ringing on extensions and trunks. We also cover multiple Auto-Attendants.

SL1100 Auto Attendant and Intro to Virtual Extensions

This webinar dives deeper in to Auto-Attendant programming, company directories and virtual extensions.

Multiple Companies on One SL1100 System

This webinar covers a very popular feature: Multiple Auto-Attendants on one system. We also program a door phone.

Mobile Extensions on the NEC SL1100

This webinar is an introduction to Mobile Extensions using PCPro and WebPro. We also provide a Mobile Extension Quick Guide.

SL1100 Speed Dials and Web Pro User Manager

This webinar covers speed dial examples including group, personal, DSS, off-premise, and more.

Mailbox and Email Notifications on the NEC SL1100

This webinar covered Mailbox notifications and Vmail to Email notifications.


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