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  • Part #: SL-1100083
  • Model: SL-VM-CHANNEL-2 LIC

This license allows you to expand your InMail voicemail, by adding 2 additional ports.

  • Part #: SL-1100084

Add this license to get the most from your InMail voicemail. This license adds great features like E-mail notification, Find-Me/Follow-Me and more!

  • Part #: SL-1100081

Safeguard your VoIP business phone system with this Encryption License. You only need one and it will cover your entire system.

  • Part #: SL-1100082
  • Model: SL-IP-CHANNEL-16 LIC

This license provides 16 additional VoIP Channels for your SL1100 business phone system, over and above the 16-Ports included on a VoIP Daughter Board. A maximum of 32 channels allowed per system.

  • Part #: SL-1100085
  • Model: SL-SYS-MOBILE-1 LIC

Allows a cell phone to link to the SL1100 and operate as an internal single-line telephone. One license per phone. Required for each mobile extension after the first four which are included on the CPU.

  • Part #: SL-1100086

This license will give you all the features you need to successfully run your motel or hotel, such as Wake Up Call and more.

  • Part #: SL-1100087

Enhance the capabilities of your digital business telephone such as placing a phone call by clicking directly on your contacts from MS Outlook.

  • Part #: SL-1100089
  • Model: SL-IP-SIPEXT-1 LIC

If you choose to use 3rd party SIP telephones for your PBX system, this license is required for each one.

  • Part #: SL-1100091
  • Model: SL-SYS-ACD-LIC

Provides the SL1100 with Automatic Call Distribution (Call Center) functionality.

  • Part #: SL-1100092
  • Model: Sl-SYS-SLNET-LIC

Perfect for a virtual office phone system network or a multi-site business, this license provides VoIP networking capability for up to five (5) sites.

  • Part #: SL-1100093
  • Model: SL-IP-SIPTRK-2 LIC

If you need to expand your SIP trunks, this license will give you two extra ports. You can have a maximum of 32 ports per system.

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