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  • Part #: SL-660035
  • Model: AC-2R

AC Adapter for SL1100 24-Button IP Telephone. Input: 60Hz 120V, Output: 27VDC 1.0A. Not required if the IP telephone is connected to PoE data switch.

  • Part #: SL-1100162

Perfect for in-home or in-office, this wall-mount kit will help you free up valuable desk or counter space when you use your VoIP phone.

  • Part #: SLD-730643

Rejuvenate the life of your DECT Cordless phone by replacing the battery, or keep one on hand just in case.

  • New Part #: Q24-FR000000113082
  • Old Part #: 730657

Give your ML440 cordless phone new life by replacing the battery or just keep one on hand as a safety net.

  • New Part #: Q24-FR000000113118
  • Old Part #: 730661

This stylish leather case will protect your cordless phone from scratches and damage.

  • New Part #: Q24-FR000000113115
  • Old Part #: 730658

Free up valuable desk or wall space by mounting your Access Point to the ceiling with this well-designed bracket.

  • Part #: KRN-PF200
  • Model: KRN-PF200

This visual flasher is an optimal accessory to ensure you won't miss any phone calls in noisy office areas.

  • Part #: CLARITY-HA-40
  • Model: CLARITY-HA-40

Perfect for noisy office environments, this amplifier allows you to hear incoming volume easily and clearly.

  • Part #: SL-1101100
  • Model: SL-1101100

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