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  • Part #: SL2-BE116500

The VoIP card daughterboard provides 16 VoIP channels to be used for IP phones, trunks, or networking.

  • Part #: SL2-BE117453
  • Model: IP7WW-8IPLD-C1-Tel(BK)

This impressive VoIP phone features a large display for (4) 8 key screens giving users a total of 32 programmable buttons.

  • Part #: SL2-BE110790
  • Model: IP4WW-Wall Mount Unit

Conveniently wall-mount your SL2100 IP phone with this inexpensive unit.

  • Part #: SL2-BE116744
  • Model: SL2100 IP Channel-16 Lic

This license provides an additional 16 VoIP channels when a VoIP daughter board is installed.

  • Part #: SL2-BE116745
  • Model: SL2100 IP TRUNK-01 LIC

The SIP Trunk License allows SL2100 users to take advantage of SIP Trunks. One SIP trunk license is required for each SIP trunk.

  • Part #: TPL-1P-POE

  • Part #: SL2-BE106887
  • Model: BE106887

Easily wall-mount your DT920 Color display IP phone with this convenient wall unit.

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