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Our SL1100 Kits Come Ready to Use!

Dealers Receive FREE TECH SUPPORT with Every Phone System Kit!
Includes (1) Pre-Punched 66-Block*
All Cards are Pre-Installed
Pre-Loaded with the Newest Software
We Test Every Port for Quality Assurance
Pre-Loaded On-Hold Message
Pre-Programmed to Work Right Out of the Box
Includes Phone Labels
Includes a Programming Cable
Includes Audio Connectors for MOH/BGM
30-Day Advance Replacement
  • CO Lines
  • Part #: SL-1100001
  • Model: 1100001

This basic SL1100 digital business phone system comes ready to handle 4 CO Trunks, 8 digital stations, 4 Analog Stations and includes three 12-button telephones.

  • CO Lines
  • Part #: SL-1100005
  • Model: 1100005

This kit is equipped for 4 CO trunks, 8 Digital Stations, 4 Analog Stations and also includes a 2-port Inmail voicemail and six digital 12-button phones.

  • CO Lines
  • Part #: SL-1100009
  • Model: 1100009

This kit can handle 4 CO Trunks, 8 Digital Stations and 4 Analog Stations. It also includes a 2-port InMail voicemail and features six of the more robust 24-button digital phones.

  • VoIP
  • Part #: SL-1100013
  • Model: 1100013

This kit is SIP Ready! Out of the box it has four SIP Trunk Ports, a 16-channel VoIP Daughter Board, a 2-port voicemail, and six 24-button IP telephones.

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