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  • Part #: SL-1100020
  • Model: IP4WW-080E-B1

This digital station card allows for you to expand your main KSU to handle an extra eight SL1100 business telephones.

  • Part #: SL-1100021
  • Model: IP4WW-008E-B1

If you need to add extra analog phones to your SL1100, don’t forget this analog station card, it will give you 8 ports.

  • Part #: SL-1100022
  • Model: IP4WW-4COIDB-B1

Supplies four loop-start CO trunks for your SL1100 PBX phone system.

  • Part #: SL-1100023
  • Model: IP-WWW-000E-B1

Provides interface for a 4-Port CO Trunk Daughter Board. Only required for configurations with fewer station cards than CO Trunk Daughter Boards.

  • Part #: SL-1100024
  • Model: IP4NA-1PRIU-C1

This T1/PRI Card installs easily and directly into the expansion slot in the main or expansion KSU.

  • Part #: SL-1100110
  • Model: IP4NA-EXIFB-C1

If you need to expand your digital business phone system, this card will allow your main KSU to integrate with up to two other expansion KSUs.

  • Part #: SL-1100111
  • Model: IP4WW-VOIPDB-C1

Looking for a VoIP/SIP solution? This daughter board will make your SL1100 business phone system VoIP ready and Includes 4 SIP Ports!

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