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Connecting to an SL1100 that is NOT on a Network

Posted: March 15, 2014 3:19 PM

Using our Printed Instructions? This tutorial covers the Green Chapter.

One of the nicest features of the SL1100 is ability to be added to your company's network, and even more so - it's ability to be networked between multiple locations.  However, there will be many times when you're just looking for a simple phone system solution, and you won't even need to place your SL1100 on to your computer network.  I'm going to show you a simple method - and it's our preferred method - of how to connect to the SL1100 Phone System when it's not on a computer network.

We're going to use this inexpensive router and two Ethernet cables to assign the system and our computer with compatible IP addresses. And then access the phone system using PCPro.

Before I begin, I'd like to say that if you're a phone system installer, you never want to plug your router into your customer's existing router. So if you're on the job site and you need us to remotely tech support you, all you would need to do is run a third Ethernet cable from the modem in to the WAN Ethernet port on your router, and then one of our support technicians would still be able to remotely access the phone system.

Let's get started - first, let's take a quick look at the current IP address of my phone system. So we’ll go to any phone and Press the Menu Button, then 9 6, and then the Menu Button again. As you can see, the IP Address of this phone system is still set to the manufacturer’s default [].

So we’ll take our first Ethernet cable, plug one end of it into your computer, and the other end in to the First LAN Port on your router.

Then we’ll take our second Ethernet cable, plug one end of it into the Ethernet Port on the CPU card of the SL1100, and the other end into the Second LAN Port on the router.

By default, our pre-programmed SL1100 Phone Systems come with DHCP Enabled, so as soon as the phone system is plugged into a router, it will automatically be assigned with an IP Address.

So now, when I go back to my phone and Press Menu, 9 6, Menu, you can see that my system IP Address has changed and has been assigned by my router. You can now open PCPro on the connected computer and use the System IP address to easily connect to the phone system.

So, on the computer (connected to the same router as the phone system), we’ll launch PCPro.  We’ll connect to the phone system by first pressing the Connect Button in the upper left-hand corner. We’ll then be asked to enter an IP address. This is the System IP address that we just obtained through our phone’s LCD display. Next, we’ll enter the username: sltech (all lowercase), and the password is 12345678. Then press connect.

We’re now connected to the phone system. 

IMPORTANT!: Click the Blue Download Button to download the phone system’s current database before making any programming changes


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