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NEC DSX System Administrator v2.21

How to Tell Which Software Version You Need:

  • System Administrator Version 2.21 is only compatible with DSX 2 Firmware
  • System Administrator Version 3.37 is only compatible with DSX 3 Firmware

How to Check Your Firmware Version:

  • Go to any DSX phone.
  • Do not pick up the handset.
  • Press the INTERCOM KEY, then Pound, Star, Pound, Star (# * # *).
  • Your System Firmware version will be displayed on the top right corner of the LCD Display.

You can, however, import a version 2 database into the version 3 System Administrator.

Installing version 3 System Administrator will not affect any prior version 2 installations. It will install as a separate application.

If you have any prior version 3 System Administrator installed, use Control Panel -> Programs and Features (Add or Remove Programs) to uninstall it prior to installing this new version.

System Administrator version 2.21 provides the IntraMail Backup/Restore/Import utility. Please note that this utility does not erase incoming and outgoing messages currently stored on an IntraMail CompactFlash card.

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