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NEC SL100 Firmware v7.21.00

Keep your SL1100 Phone System up-to-date with the latest version of firmware. The latest system software for the SL1100 is 7.21. This build includes the following Feature Enhancements and Resolved Field Complaints.

Feature Enhancements:

  • Video Conferencing with WebRTC
  • InMail Password Security Enhancement

Resolved Field Complaints:

  • F160602001 - Using Directory to dial personal speed dial displays incorrect name when ARS is enabled
  • F150414002 - Invalid DID shows name from 22-11-03 when redirected to Ring Group
  • F151007004 - SIP Carrier Type L only shows Calling Number not Calling Name
  • F151104001 - SIP Trunk Option Keep Alive using SIP Interconnect (TIE) not working
  • F151027001 - Message Wait Envelope Icon not appearing on 8DTL-8R-1 for Voice Mail messages on SL1100
  • F160322004 - Hidden account code do not remain hidden after internal call

What's Included?

  • SL1100 Firmware
  • Verification Tool
    • This tool can be used to verify the zip file was downloaded in it's entirety. Download this tool and run it against the zip file. The verification code must be 15FE-0A76-1F75-FBD or the file is not complete. Refer to the readme.pdf for instructions on how to use the tool.)
  • ReadMe.pdf

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