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SL InMail Utility

The SL2100 InMail Utility will allow you to back up and/or restore InMail databases, change the installed languages on the SD drive and reinitialize the SD drive back to factory defaults. The SL2100 InMail Utility can be used on both SL1100 and SL2100 InMail drives.

Note for SL1100 drives the Reliance file system driver must be installed before the InMail Utility is installed. If the InMail Utiltiy is to be used on SL1100 drives the support operating systems are limited to Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7 (32-bit) and Vista (32-bit).

Changes for version 2.50:

  • Initial release for SL2100.
  • Supports SL2100 with native Windows file system.
  • Will support SL1100 with installed Reliance file system driver on supported OS.

SL2100 Conditions:

  • The SL2100 InMail Utility is used for SD Drive based voice mails, it is not used for the built-in InMail.
  • The utility contains all supported language prompt sets for the SD Drive based InMail.

SL1100 Conditions:

  • The InMail Utility requires a driver for the Reliance file system be installed before the utility is installed.
  • Only Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7 (32-bit) and Vista (32-bit) are supported.
  • Installing all supported languages will reduce the available recording time by approximately 15 hours.
  • The utility contains all supported language prompt sets for the InMail.

What's Included?

  • SL2100 InMail Utility
  • Reliance Windows Driver (Only needed for SL1100, see installation instructions below)


  1. If a previous version of the InMail Utility is currently installed first uninstall that version and the Reliance file system driver. Then reboot the PC before continuing.
  2. Download the InMail Utility installation file "SLInMailUtilitySetup_v2.50.exe".
  3. If the utility is to also be used on SL1100 drives download the Reliance driver "". If the utility will not be used on SL1100 InMail drives skip to step five.
  4. Install the Windows Reliance file system driver.
  5. Reboot the PC.
  6. Install the InMail Utility.

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