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  • Part #: NS-SL1100-KSU
  • Model: NSS-1100-KSU

60 Days of Unlimited Tech Support for (1) SL1100 Main Chassis


Product Description

We're NEC Experts

Our expert tech support team has over 100 years of combined telephony experience. Many of those years were spent traveling all over the United States performing onsite installations, programming and training. So we understand the importance of getting great tech support right when you need it.

We’ll remotely program your system for you and walk you step-by-step through the programming process, to ensure that you and your customer are happy with the phone system.


Our 60-Day support plans offer complete comprehensive support for the NEC SL2100 & SL1100 including application support, programming and troubleshooting.

Remote Programming

We'll remotely program your entire system from start to finish.

1-on-1 Support

Live phone/remote programming tech support with an NEC certified technician.

60-Days of Unlimited Support

We've got your back to help you with any moves, adds, or changes.

Hardware Installation Support

We'll start with the basics and even teach you how to install the system's hardware.

Firmware Upgrade

We'll upgrade your system so your customers have access to the latest features.

On-Hold Message

We'll upload a pre-recorded on-hold message that will make your customers sound professional.

What's Covered

  • Basic Tech Support covers all Digital/Analog Stations, CO lines, My Tel Pros SIP Trunks**, T1/PRI, Vmail, & (LAN) IP phones
  • Basic Tech Support covers most phone system applications, programming, and troubleshooting
  • Basic Tech Support covers programming for My Tel Pros SIP Trunks only**, T1/PRI’s (that are NI2), and the Vmail to Email applications
  • Basic Tech Support DOES NOT COVER troubleshooting any applications due to network or ISP equipment, and or carrier issues (See PAYGo® Advanced Applications Coverage Prices)
  • All Other Applications (See PAYGo® Advanced Applications Coverage Prices)
  • Basic Tech Support only covers SIP Trunks purchased from My Tel Pros

What's Not Covered

The following Advanced Application Support is not covered under a 60-Day Support Plan. NEC SL2100 Advanced Application Support is supplied on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. Click here to see our affordable PAYGo® rates.

  • Trunks/Channels:
    • SIP Trunks NOT Purchased from My Tel Pros** for the SL2100 & SL1100
    • T1’s (that are NOT NI2 PRI)
  • Hardware:
    • Remote VoIP Phones, ML440, AP20 Access Points, Call Logging & Recording applications
  • Application Licenses:
    • SL-NET, InControl, ACD, Contact Center, InUC, Desktop Suite, Call Analyst, U-Mobility, 3rd Party CTI, 3rd Party SIP Station, Hotel PMS Integration
  • Programming/Troubleshooting:
    • Programming via a phone handset
    • Troubleshooting Vmail to Email customer networks, and network/ISP equipment
    • Configuring or Troubleshooting ANY customer networks, and network/ISP equipment
  • Others may apply, if you are unsure, please call us for clarification
**My Tel Pros is a Global Provider of Hosted/SIP Trunk & Enterprise VOIP Services. For more information about My Tel Pros SIP Trunks, please visit or call them a 919-324-3395
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